In this coronavirus pandemic situation, a face mask is a must, and everyone uses it. Although vaccination is in full swing, the delta variant continues to spread across the country. And because of all this situation, a face mask is used by almost everyone. Masks are still a part of our lives and are a great way to protect us from Covid-19. Here we take a look at how to make fabric masks without a sewing machine.

* Wearing a cloth mask is very important and two or three layers of cloth can be used.
* First prepare the fabric by washing it properly then bring it to the board and iron it. This will avoid the shrinkage. The choice of fabric is very important.
* Lay the fabric so that the open edge is facing down. Get one end and layer it over a large part of an inch.
* Grab the base edge and layer it upward to meet the wrinkle along the center of the texture. The bottom half of the texture should now be divided into four even areas reducing wrinkles.
* Fold all the texture so that the top and bottom edges swap places.
* Put a finish of the versatile in the bottom left corner of the texture and pin it. Place its other end where the center fold meets the left edge of the fabric.
* Fold the face mask and thread your needle and tie off the end. Turn the entire mask inside out through the opening.
* Straighten everything out, check the corners and properly press the mask flat on your ironing board.
* You can put nose thread to your face mask. You can certainly sew it by inserting the thread under the upper fold.

Your fabric mask without a sewing machine is ready.

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