Winsford sewing business hopes wool expansion will pay off

THE Sheen family can certainly spin a good thread or two and have kept Winsford busy sewing for the past 40 years.

The haberdashery and tailoring business has been established in several locations around the city over the years, and the latest addition is called ‘Sheen’s Sew2Knit’ and opened on the High Street just three weeks before Christmas.

For Jonathan Sheen, it’s about running a family business started by his father Allan more than four decades ago.

“We moved into this new store next door when we started running out of room for all the yarn.

“We sell all kinds of haberdashery and have a massive stock of constantly changing yarns.”

Inside Sheen on Winsford High Street

During lockdown in 2020 people found themselves with plenty of free time, and Jonathan said many chose to try knitting or crocheting.

“We did well during the lockdown, but we managed to continue trade, sending packages to people.

“It’s still running out of steam a little since everyone went back to work.

“We just hope to make people aware that we are here and continue to negotiate for the foreseeable future.

“I think part of the problem is that some people don’t know we’re here – this part of the main street isn’t what it used to be, but they’re trying to change that again.”

Winsford Guardian: Sheen's opened three weeks before ChristmasSheen opened three weeks before Christmas

With the cost of living crisis affecting many small businesses, Jonathan hopes there is enough need to stay open.

“It’s obviously not a necessity for some people, but for others it is.

“Some people have to do something with their hands – whether it’s knitting, crocheting or crafting – a lot of people also find it helps them manage their anxiety and mental health.

“But the problem is that the price of everything is going up right now – nothing is falling except rain.

“We just had price increases on knitting yarn and although you’re trying to stay the course, you can’t keep prices low all the time and eventually you have to pass that on to the consumer.

“It’s difficult because there are all kinds of bills when you run a business.

“If people don’t support small businesses, the bigger ones will grow and the smaller ones will disappear.”

Sheen’s Sew2Knit is located at 124-126 High Street and is on Facebook.

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