Ohio Police Report Finding Sewing Needle In Halloween Candy

(Courtesy of the Fostoria Police Department)

FOSTORIA, Ohio (WJW) – Police Fostoria, Ohio says they are investigating candy that was tampered with and distributed during a sleight of hand.

A sleight of hand throughout the city of Fostoria took place on Saturday, October 30.

Police said a sewing needle was found in two candies, which was confirmed by an x-ray.

“Although we are only aware of 2 candies involved, we take this seriously and are appalled that someone is to the point of wanting to hurt the children in our community,” said Police Chief Keith Loreno.

Police say they don’t know which house or street distributed the contaminated candy.

As a result, the ProMedica Fostoria Community Hospital offers parents free x-rays of sweets. The free service is available Monday at the hospital.

Staff will have a portable x-ray machine to scan the candy.

Police are asking parents to alert them to any other suspicious candy at (419) 435-8573.

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