Oak Bay woman finds sewing needle in prepackaged food at grocery store

VICTORIA – An Oak Bay woman sounds the alarm after finding a sewing needle in prepackaged food purchased at a Victoria grocery store.

Josh Stevens says his wife was eating a lunch bought at the Red Barn Market on Oak Bay Avenue on Monday when she felt the needle in her mouth.

Stevens says the needle must have been inside one of the four prepackaged items she was eating; grated carrots, grated beets, mixed greens and bagged bean sprouts.

Oak Bay Deputy Police Chief Ray Bernoties said the incident was reported to police.

“At the moment there is no evidence to support the crime, so we have contacted the store and are contacting the health authority,” Bernoties said. “The store has taken action, including removing the product from the shelves.”

Red Barn co-owner Russ Benwell called the incident “very unfortunate” and added “we cannot confirm that it came from Red Barn or our suppliers, but we are certainly doing our due diligence and have contacted all of our suppliers to see, if by any chance it came through their stream.

Police are not currently investigating the incident.

“If we hear of another event, we will obviously suspect potential criminality but at the moment this has not been established,” said Bernoties.

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