Hemingway Sewing Solutions, a subsidiary of Beverly Knits, establishes operations in Williamsburg County, SC

COLUMBIA, SC – March 23, 2022 – Hemingway Sewing Solutions – a subsidiary of Beverly Knits, one of the largest circular knitters in the United States – today announced plans to establish operations in Williamsburg County. The company’s $3.3 million investment will create 242 new jobs.

Founded in 1980, Beverly Knits designs and develops fabrics for a variety of markets including activewear, intimate apparel, outdoor products, mattresses and bedding, automotive, industrial and medical. The company also manufactures flame retardant products for apparel, bedding and industrial end uses.

Located at 60 Apparel Drive in Hemingway, Hemingway Sewing Solutions will manufacture a variety of textile products for brands such as Purple Mattress, Indigo and Vapor Apparel, as well as the U.S. Department of Defense.

Operations are ongoing and those interested in joining the Hemingway Sewing Solutions team should email the company. mailto:info@hemingwaysewing.com

“We are thrilled to be part of Williamsburg County! said Hemingway Sewing Solutions CEO Ron Sytz. “Our investment in Hemingway Sewing Solutions is extremely important as more and more products are relocated to the United States. Made in USA is the best way to guarantee the quality and delivery of textile products.

“South Carolina’s manufacturing history is deeply rooted in the textile industry, and we are pleased that Hemingway Sewing Solutions is continuing this proud tradition,” Governor Henry McMaster said. “The 242 new jobs they are creating will have a significant and positive impact on the Williamsburg County community, and we welcome them to the South Carolina family of businesses.”

“When a company like Hemingway Sewing Solutions comes to our state and creates 242 new jobs in one of our rural communities, it shows the world that all of South Carolina is open for business,” the secretary said at the Trade Harry M. Lightsey III. “We congratulate Hemingway Sewing Solutions on their new operations in Williamsburg County and look forward to their success!”

“Welcome our new industry family, Hemingway Sewing Solutions, to our great county!” added Williamsburg County Supervisor Dr. Tiffany Cooks. “I am proud of the direction the county is taking in terms of opportunities for new industries. Great job to Williamsburg County Director of Economic Development Gilleon Frieson and everyone who made this project possible.

Posted: March 29, 2022

Source: South Carolina Governor’s Office

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