CI Hero: Peoria sewing teacher fosters confidence and creativity in local youth

PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — With every needlepoint, a local woman hopes to foster confidence and creativity in Peoria’s youth.

Carmen O’Conner Jackson helps develop a sense of artistic expression through fashion with her sewing classes at Artists rethink tomorrow.

“I really love fashion,” Jackson said. “I just want the trend to keep going and keep going and never stop. That’s why I chose to come here and teach kids to sew, and I love it.

With more than two decades of experience, Jackson said she teaches the skill to boys and girls of all ages.

“They’ve never sewn before,” she said. “They’ve never used the needle and when I teach them and they do something, they don’t want to stop. They are so excited. They want to take it home and show it to their parents.

The youngest start with pieces of yarn and progress to sewing by hand before sitting in front of the machines. She said it’s an important skill for children to learn. It also serves as an artistic expression.

“The art is in the stitching,” Jackson said. “For example, when you design on a piece of paper, you bring your vision. So when they see their vision…you can put it on paper, or you can just put it on fabric.

Jackson said ART Inc. plans to add an adult sewing class soon.

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